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  2. Becouse we do like what we are doing here we are giving the 1 100 Players 10% off all donations.



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  3. DGMCN Is Currently under going Maintenance. So The Server is self could go Offline, Restart, Or just be plane Buggy... If you find any buggs tell a Staff using the ticket system..

    Click Me to report a Bugg!!!

    This Message will stay on this page untill we are DONE

  4. Hi all It dgibbs3196 here as u all may know 1.8 has bin out for a wile if u have chage your user name u can chage it here too.

    Chage Your username!!!

DG Minecraft Network

by dgibbs3196 at 3:11 AM
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Well We have bin working hard on geting every thag up and going!!!
Here some new stuff
Chage log on the server
+ Survival
-Faction -May come back who knows!!
+ Surprice will give more info as time come along!!
+ New roads on creative!
+ new plugins to mkae life eazer!!
- Herobrine
here your sneek peek

What could it be?????
by dgibbs3196 at 10:19 PM
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Hi all it dgibbs3196 here and i and a very few people are working on remaking the server 100% It going to be a one of a kind Setup.
here the inside info on what in the new server and a few pics of some of the new stuff we are thanking of disable one or 2 of the things apart of the mod-plugin but i wann here from you would u all like to keep it enabled or can i disable it.

But thanks all for staying with us thoue this time We do Appreciate all of you and if you sign up here we are going to give you 15,000 caps to buy whay you would like @ our shop! just go here
by dgibbs3196 at 2:33 AM
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To see all the rules up date goto
to see all of them!!
by dgibbs3196 at 1:59 AM
(571 Views / 0 Likes)
We have added some reward points to the site and this is the brake down of what you get!!
  • On your b-day you will get 50 points
  • When you post a Thread you will get 1 point
  • When creating a new post you get .5 point
  • When you receiving a like on a post you get 5 Points
  • When a trophy is earned you get 15 Points
  • When you add us on facebook or twiter you will get 20 Points.
  • If you have a file on a post and people download it you will get 1 Point
And like the server you can send this to outer players...
by dgibbs3196 at 9:14 AM
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We had to Install a Stop Spam app!!

You can do the Capca Doing Fun Games!!!!!!

All you have to is get 1 of the Following to Stop having to Do this stuff. is 1 of the flowing!
  • Have to 100 Posts that hast to have 10 Words or More in them!
  • Your account has to be older then 60 Days only
  • Have to have 15 Different likes!! <---Spaming likes Will get all accounts BAN
Thanks the Spammer of the Forms for making me do this!

And To Keep Your accouth save you can set up 2 step Authentication.
by dgibbs3196 at 12:22 AM
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If you would like your player face for your advtar all you need to do is go here

And that It...
by dgibbs3196 at 9:26 AM
(735 Views / 0 Likes)
To day i have work hard to get the Staff App page working and it up so if you have played on DG Minecraft at lest 1+ Mouths Apply All you have to do is Apply

But Thanks for playing DGMC!!
by dgibbs3196 at 4:29 AM
(724 Views / 0 Likes)
We Would like to Welcome you all here To DG Minecraft Server

Server Ip:
and as allway thanks for playing Dgminecraft
and dont for get to vote!!!!!